Time to eat healthy

I am now convinced that fast food is a really, really, bad thing. Sure, it tastes good, but two recent events have made me a rather concerned:

  1. Dan, my brother-in-law, told Lorie and me quite a bit about the book Fast Food Nation - we were afraid to read it.
  2. We just watched the movie Super Size Me.

It makes me want to support our local PCC Natural Markets and Whole Foods Market even more and cut down on the diet sodas I consume every day too (that free soda at Microsoft is great though!).

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  1. uwe says:

    I have such "waves", too. Hopefully you have enough energy too keep this habit up a rather long time! For me, it tends to be dropped after a while again. Arrgh!

  2. Don’t be scared of food–be smart. Hippie food stores will sell you tons of crap that’s just as bad for you as anything at McD’s. If you want to change your diet, check out the South Beach Diet. I had doubts about it due to the trendy nature of the title, but the book has some very good information on food and how it affects your body.

  3. Jeff Parker says:

    In my opinion, those fad diets and stuff are just as unhealthy as eat at McDonalds. I mean seriously it was less than 5 years ago meat was bad for you, eat more carbs, now it is eat no carbs eat more meat. Eggs of all things were bad for your now they are good.

    I recently moved to a place where I can have a grill again. I am a big fan of grilling, using a smoker, I always hated using ovens and pots and pans, i think mainly because more stuff to clean up. Well since I started grilling and smoking food again instead of eating out and grabbing fast food. I feel better, i have lost weight and all around I notice my health improving. And no I do not grill low carb, I cook baked potatos on the grill, I grill garlic bulbs to squeeze on italian bread that I also browned on the grill, I grill veggies and fish, and chicken, I smoke ribs and turkeys and chicken and pork. My point is, eat a well balanced rounded diet, get some excersize, it will go a long way. The low carb diets, read about them, you ever wonder why people on low carb diets breath gets bad, because their bodies start masticating. That is no more healthy than eating fast foods. And you know sometimes you have to eat fast foods, go ahead and let yourself. It is no big deal once in a while just that making too much of one thing for too long of a time is bad for you.

  4. RSS Junkie says:

    Argh, food, is food, is food, that’s why we have the FDA!!!

    I’m gonna cry…..




    Don’t let other people think for you!!!

    Especially guys who used to make a living daring people to eat feces!!


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