Pocket PC Robot – Walking.

This is awesome! I would love to see some sort of a kit created to let people extend their Pocket PC to be a robot’s brain. This comes via http://blogs.msdn.com/mikehall/archive/2004/10/18/243996.aspx  

Joseph Wu has been busy working on his Pocket PC Robot - It looks like the robot has a limp, that's because one leg is using digital servos and the other leg is using analog servos. So only one leg can hold the weight of whole body.

JosephWu - Walking Robot

Joseph is planning on doing some more work on the robot over the coming weeks and months - I will post more information as this becomes available.

- Mike

[Microsoft WebBlogs]

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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    Actually I agree this is some really cool stuff, a few google searches should lead you to some cool stuff there is a site, I do not know off hand that sells just the boards themselves for the Pocket PC with Windows CE loaded on them that way you can put just the board into anything you want. So that way you do not have the actual case to add weight.

    Somewhere I also seen someone replaced the brain on a Lego Mindstorm with a Pocket PC as well.

    As far as kits check this site out http://www.robotstore.com/ They have a wide Variety of kits and parts and so on including flexable skin to put on over the finished robots

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