Do you know of this command-line tool?

I have had the following request, which I don't know the answer to. So, can any of my faithful readers answer this? 

Do you know of any tools that let me push/pop the clipboard stack???? I can copy (ctrl-c) a bunch of things to a clipboard. Then using a mouse in Office I can paste any of those items. But from the command line I can only paste the last thing I copied. I want to be able to go back to the previous item on the stack. If that means I lose the previously top item, I am fine with that. Know of any magic tools????

Bribe: For the first person to point me to such a tool: I will create a blog entry that talks about you and points to your blog/site/whatever.

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  1. Brian Groth says:

    I forgot to note that this questions comes from Matt Williams. See his blog at, which also asks the same question. However, he doesn’t offer the bribe!

  2. Tarun Jain says:


    it is one of the BEST tools you will ever use.

  3. Christopher Andersson says:

    Shell toys has a utility called clipboard +. When pasting instead of ctrl+v you can use the windows+v combo and it will bring up a list of all of the things you have copied to your clipboard ( you can set how many items you want it to keep track of )…it’s really useful.

  4. Adwait Ullal says:

    Clipmate. Nick Bradbury of FeedDemon fame menioned it the other day in his blog:

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