Management Tip: Principals for Leadership

Today's tip is around the principals for leadership to help keep you focused on leading your team.

  • Have a vision for the future
  • Have a strategy for getting there
  • Have a process and a plan explaining how to make the strategy happen
  • Have a skilled team to achieve the plan according to the process
  • Have a devoted and motivated team (employees and partners)


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  1. Here are some other tips from my favorite book Gung Ho! 😉

    "Most any job you can name is important and makes the world a better place to live. People really are needed. It’s just that they don’t understand how they fit in"

    "Goal setting is a big problem in most organizations. The managers think because they print a goal in the annual report or announce it at some meeting, the goal is shared. They may have shared it, but if the team doesn’t commit, it isn’t a shared goal"

    "Running a business from numbers is like playing basketball while watching the scoreboard instead of the ball. Look after the basics if you want success, and first basic is the team"

    "Change doesn’t mean just getting a rid of old habit. It means developing new habits to replace the old"

    Here is a short post on my blog about the book:

  2. Thanks for these tips. After over 30 years in the workplace, mostly managing IT, here are some of my observations that complement what you have posted:

    Stephen Covey’s ‘Principle Centered Leadership’ is still the most simple, intuitive and profound guide to leadership I have encountered.

    Coupled with his ‘7 Habits for Highly Effective People,’ when applied in spirit, they return very profound results.

    The other observation about leadership is that of communicating the vision; it requires consistent and frequent messages. It requires almost a fanatical obsession with every little detail of the vision to get the full message understood.

    Nice site.

  3. Business Management tips, book reviews, and related stuff from Brian Groth.

  4. Business Management tips, book reviews, and related stuff from Brian Groth.

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