Management Tip: Giving Feedback

Over the years, I have compiled a handful of tips that I try to refer to as a manager, employee, and program manager (I'm a Group Program Manager). Today's topic is on giving feedback. Sorry (doomo sumimasen) if my notes are a bit criptic, but I think you'll get the point. And remember, this is a very western view of giving feedback. I'm sure it is different in Japan and other areas of the world.

Giving Feedback: Be direct, don’t exaggerate, and don’t make it sound more pleasant than it is. And keep the following in mind:

  1. Facts: Based on factual events. Stick to what you have observed and know, not rumors.
  2. The Right Detail: Focus on the right detail (the big ones that matter)
  3. Empathy: Offer understanding and empathy, encourage joint problem solving - ask questions.
  4. Big Picture: Explain the big picture - How does the behavior affect individual or group goals?
  5. Considerate: Be very positive (what you want, not what you do not want). What’s the recipient’s perspective?
  6. Immediate: Give feedback immediately
  7. Behavior: Keep it specific to their behavior. Don’t let your own views distort the specifics.
  8. Set a Goal: Focus on what to do next time. Set a goal to improve the behavior.
  9. Confirmation: Confirm the issues & goals
  10. Affirm: Affirm that they can do it (& mean it).

And yes, I do share this information with my team and the rest of Microsoft via MySite on our internal deployment of SharePoint Portal Server.

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  1. Business Management tips, book reviews, and related stuff from Brian Groth.

  2. Business Management tips, book reviews, and related stuff from Brian Groth.

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