BioDiesel Question

Does anyone out there have any experience or knowledge regarding the use of BioDiesel in a regular diesel engine? I am thinking of getting a diesel VW Bug (the TDI), but I want to run BioDiesel in it. I understand there is a Chevron in Bellevue that sells BioDiesel.


Skiing in Western WA

I saw snow in the hills yesterday, so for all you that are waiting for ski season, here’s my favorite quick links. I am getting a little antsy waiting for the snow to get here, and for our puppy to get big enough to go play in the snow with me. 10 Essentials Green Ski…


PhotoStory 3 is released for Windows XP customers

See  The previous version is great and I have been waiting for the new release ever since I saw an early copy a few weeks ago. I am downloading it now (was too excited to wait to blog about it) and will report back with anything super amazing about it.


Identity Management Challenges

We were presenting to, and discussing with, a customer at the MTC today about the benefits and challenges of identity management. This organization has a pretty complex environment (many environments really) and they know they need an IdentityManagement solution. Here are a few great resources for others out there who may be faced with identity management challenges:…


Flight Simulator 2004 and the team behind it

The video of the Flight Simulator team is now on Channel 9. It is 41 minutes and 20 seconds long, so it’s got quite a bit of stuff in it, but it’s more interesting than that rerun of Law & Order my wife is watching for the 5th time. 🙂 Here are a few of what…


Request for a WMI script

I am looking for a quick way to toggle my 2nd monitor, preferably using WMI, but anything will do. I want to simply run the app/script and have it enable or disable my 2nd monitor. This is because I often walk into my office, plug my Tablet PC into my 2nd monitor and enable the 2nd monitor to extend…


Hey command-line junkies: Command Line Parser Updated

Are you writing your own command-line applications? Then you may be interested in this: From GotDotNet: “Parsing command line arguments to a console application is a common problem. This library handles the common task of reading arguments from a command line and filling in the values in a type.” And from Peter Hallam’s blog: I…


Hong Kong’s use of Technology

A couple of friends, Rob & Becky Dickson, live in Hong Kong and Rob loads up his watch with credits so that when he rides the subway, he simply wands his watch near some sort of reader at the turnstile. I always though that was pretty cool as I would fumble through the coins, he…


Very cool job opening

Joe Stagner and Jacob Cynamon just blogged about how cool it is to be an evangelist for Microsoft’s products and technologies. See the official job details. If you’re interested, see Heather’s blog for some resume and other tips about getting hired. Good luck!    


Call a Web Service from a Command-Line

For all you command-line freaks out there, I hope you know about Microsoft’s scripting technologies. Hopefully you are also aware that web services is the hot new thing and is certainly a great way to architect solutions these days. So, combining those two things (WS+Script), here is how to call a web service from a…