Solar Power in Washington State

 Yes it is possible and you can learn more about it on October 2nd (this Saturday) at a variety of locations. See for more information. My suggestion: start using solar power now and be the cool kid on your block; and help save the environment too of course.

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  1. Srimahavishnu Vadlapatla (Vishnu) says:


    On my first search of place to write and know about Blogs I happen to see this short blog. Its fairly intresting. You seem to be a person of Varied dimensions… Well..I am Software Programmer and Intrested in getting involved with Solar stuff. Just wanted to know your thoughts on the Solar Software Applications. Do you think this could be a possible upcomming area?. If yes what kind of applications would be required by this industry. I am just looking for your initial thoughts on this. Sorry i put too many questions on the first intreaction itself, but your skills made me to know if i am thinking in the right direction or not 🙂

    Thanks for all your help in advance


  2. Brian Groth says:

    I am no expert in the area, but software related to solar energy is probably going to be around the controlling and monitoring of the solar-related equipment. It could also be related to software that controls any device to help it conserve energy.

  3. Srimahavishnu Vadlapatla (Vishnu) says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Brain. I was also thinking on the similar lines. Thanks

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