New official Silverlight Blog

earlier this week, as part of MIX09, we launched an official Silverlight team blog.   Subscribe now!  We’ll push out new technical content, videos, and use it as a venue to respond to critical industry events that require our voice.  You can use it as a direct conduit to us and the team with feedback (both…


Are you a Silverlight rockstar? Get a killer job.

A great agency in Seattle, ramp group is looking for a rockstar Silverilght developer — see JD below.  Good luck! Silverlight 2 Developer Ramp Group Bellevue, WA   Key skills: .Net Framework, C#, Silverlight 2.0, XML   Are you interested in working on a project which will revolutionize the advertising industry, creating market efficiencies…


Get the early skinny on Silverlight 2

ScottGu has been burning the midnight oil (literally!) to pull together an incredibly detailed tutorial that shows how powerful Silverlight 2 is going to be.  Get an early scoop on the features in the soon to be released Beta1, get a feel for how Visual Studio and Expression Studio work together to enable developer/designer collaboration that…


Help Vinay… It’s easy

I’m not one to spread causes, but I comment on this one because for two reasons. (if you don’t want to wait go to) 1) He is a friend of a very good friend of mine, good enough for me 2) This is a fascinating example of how the Web and the powerful network…


Off To Asia

Yes I’ve been pretty delinquent in posting to the blog lately — I blame it on too much work… but that’s a bad excuse.  I’m going to try and be a bit better about it.  Anyway, I’m off to Asia tomorrow for REMIX’s and a bunch of other meetings and some site seeing hopefully –…


Me getting completely destroyed by the "Proop Dog"

At VSConnections in Vegas Eileen Rumwell had comedian Greg Proops interview some of us.  It was off the cuff and fun.  The conversation was about 10 minutes, but this 1 minute short is me getting completely railed.  Amusing to say the least. Oh and if that isn’t enough — i found this post by Eileen…


A new job for me, better products for you

And hopefully some more time to blog 🙂  This week we re-organized our team so that we could better serve the needs of our internal and external partners and customers.  I won’t bore you with the details but it has a pretty major impact on what I do and the kinds of information I want;…


Scott Guthrie debuts in Red vs Blue

Words can’t describe just how cool this is 🙂  And a pretty hot looking “WFP/E” video player to boot — tell your friends, spread the word!  Definitely a great “non-traditional” type of activity. Scott’s own post about this


Microsoft employees meet their famous counterparts

Danielfe decided to put together a great post about how some of us look like famous people (not that we aren’t famous in our own right :)) — the similarities are shocking — check it out, let us know what you think.


Which Superhero are you?

Found this cool quiz from Frank Shaw @ TheGlassHouse, I’m Spiderman, which super hero are you?     Your results:You are Spider-Man Spider-Man 70% Green Lantern 60% The Flash 50% Iron Man 45% Superman 40% Supergirl 40% Catwoman 40% Wonder Woman 35% Robin 25% Batman 20% Hulk 10% You are intelligent, witty, a bit geeky…