Open Source apps on Windows – made easy!

Today we launched the new website for web developers and web professionals. This new site not only aggregates the latest news and advances in the web development community, but it also provides a home for the new Microsoft Web Platform Installer Beta (Web PI) and the Microsoft Web Application Installer Beta (Web AI). The…

Get the early skinny on Silverlight 2

ScottGu has been burning the midnight oil (literally!) to pull together an incredibly detailed tutorial that shows how powerful Silverlight 2 is going to be.  Get an early scoop on the features in the soon to be released Beta1, get a feel for how Visual Studio and Expression Studio work together to enable developer/designer collaboration that…


Get "WPF/E" onto a Web Page in seconds using ASP.NET AJAX Extenders

Kudos to the ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit team for creating a killer extender to simplify getting a “WPF/E” control onto a page.  I love seeing the agility we have with the toolkit releases. Shawn Burke has all the details