Silverlight + IIS Smooth Streaming is WOW

On Tuesday last week we announced a partnership with Akamai to deliver a solution for some of the most amazing video solution son the Web.

Silverlight was designed to provide built-in support for Adaptive Streaming solutions and is fully extensible so that anyone can build their own custom implementation.  For example, MOVE networks is using this model, using their own custom Adaptive Streaming solution with Silverlight as a delivery/front-end experience.  A fine choice.

We are also providing a fully featured, built-in, Adaptive Streaming solution based on our best of breed Windows Server and IIS technologies.

IIS Smooth Streaming is a free feature of IIS that when coupled with a Silverlight player will provide an amazing Adaptive Streaming experience. is our joint example site which is front-ended with a silverlight application and backended with IIS Smooth Streaming. 

I'll tell you what, the quality blew me away.

We are also improving our Expression tools to make it easy for anyone to take a media file and create the files that IIS Smooth Streaming will support so you can take advantage of it.

Or better yet, Akamai is going to launcha service to just take care of all the hard work for you.

cool stuff!

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NYTIMES: Microsoft, Akamai team up for 'no-buffer' video streaming

Our press release:

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