Me getting completely destroyed by the "Proop Dog"

At VSConnections in Vegas Eileen Rumwell had comedian Greg Proops interview some of us.  It was off the cuff and fun.  The conversation was about 10 minutes, but this 1 minute short is me getting completely railed.  Amusing to say the least.

Oh and if that isn't enough -- i found this post by Eileen too -- transcribed below so you can laugh at us.



Do the Support People in India Know About the Helamonsters?

What's a helamonster?  Sand, steam, water powered pcs, and how to motivate the damn things.  Is that a reinstall or just a reboot?  And Brian is in marketing ...

Who was Maria Tall Chief Anyway?

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  1. eileenrum says:

    But you know Brian I don’t see it that way at all 🙂  Proops is a master at comedy/improve, of course he was going "to take you down".  I think it is good clean fun!  And a chance to see you in your element!  You were awesome!  

  2. Adam says:

    Might want to add a note that you have to be a soapbox beta tester to watch this.

    I wasn’t able to see it, and couldn’t find where to sign up for the beta.

  3. bgold says:

    trying to fix the soapbox thing, I think Eileen posted elsewhere, check her blog

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