After an amazing herculean effort by MSL they have released the official ASP.NET AJAX Training Clinic -- it is a great 2 hour primer on the technology.

Go get trained:


and let us know what you think

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  1. Bryan Peters says:

    Can’t sign in using my passport id.  Bummer.  

    I get popup/tab hell with IE7, and with Firefox I can sign in but their JS doesn’t recognize that I checked the EULA.  Hope they’re not using AJAX on their site or this is a bad start…  😉

  2. Via Brian Goldfarb . Microsoft Learning have just released Clinic 5230: Developing Enhanced Web Experiences

  3. Hi Bryan.

    Our e-Learning viewer is not currently supported in FireFox. As to IE7, you should not have any issues viewing the product. You should most likely enable popups for

    If this doesn’t help or you run into additiona lissues, please use either our phone or 24 hour online support by following the instructions listed at


    Glenn Block

    Microsoft Learning

  4. Fernando Quijada says:

    Hi All.

    I am trying to implemet AJAX in my ASP.NET 2.0 + SSL solution.

    I do not why, ajax is not working with the SSL. if I remove the SSL, it’s work fine.

    Do you have any idea.

    Best Regards


  5. bgold says:

    I discussed with the MSL folks and they are going to continue testing — but here is there resposne with a great helpdesk option:

    All users should be able to sign in with their Passport creds (e-mail and password). These creds should work with any service that displays Windows Live ID or Microsoft Passport Network.

    Regarding Firefox, MSL only supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 with SP1 or higher. The minimum system requirements are all listed at the bottom of the offer page for our learners. There is also an option to perform a system scan which will detect automatically if the minimum system requirements are met.

    If the user has met the minimum system requirements, they should not be experiencing any technical difficulties. If they have met the minimum system requirements and are still experiencing technical difficulties, then they need will to contact the E-Learning Customer/Technical Support to either submit a detailed account of the issue via e-mail or direct their questions to actual customer support representatives. Typically, our users will receive an answer to their support request within 24 hours.

    E-Learning Customer/Technical Support:

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