New improvements to The DownloadCENTER

We are always hard at work improving the experience around our online properties. has been getting a lot of attention and we just launched an amazing feature to help you get what you need for IIS and contribute back -- all the details below, let us know what you think!


The DownloadCENTER at is an inclusive community destination for discovering new components, modules and 3rd-party solutions related to the Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server.

With the worldwide release of Windows Vista tomorrow, this new section of is particularly relevant to ASP.NET developers interested in the future of the Microsoft Web stack.

For example:

  • The latest release of IIS, IIS7, is included with Windows Vista and has a completely modular architecture which features over forty pluggable components that can be easily added, removed or even swapped with custom implementations.
  • The integrated pipeline gives ASP.NET developers a familiar event model and unified programming framework for enhancing the server.
  • The powerful extensibility support is available to both .NET (managed) and C/C++ (native).
  • The new management & configuration system and tools make it easier to setup your sites so you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time implementing.

There are already numerous downloads for all versions of IIS available today. Many are provided by Microsoft but, even more exciting are those contributed by the IIS community. In the future, the DownloadCENTER will host a large number of extensions specific to IIS7 submitted by Microsoft, ISVs and the broader IIS community.

To learn more about the DownloadCENTER, go check out Bill Staples’ blog post about it or, better yet, go visit today.

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