ASP.NET AJAX RC 1 is here! Download now

We are making great progress with ASP.NET AJAX and are definitely winding down to the home stretch.  I'm happy to announce immediate availability of ASP.NET AJAX RC 1

Here is the blurb from the homepage:


ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Release Candidate is now available for download. ASP.NET AJAX is a free framework for creating client-centric, interactive Web applications that work with major browsers and operating systems. New features include additional globalization support, dynamic invocation of web service proxies, and substitution logic, compression and caching support for the Script Resource handler. The RC release is the final preview of the fully supported version of ASP.NET AJAX, scheduled for release in January.

The Microsoft AJAX Library is also available in an easy-to-install, standalone package for development on non-Windows systems. For more information, visit the ASP.NET AJAX site.

To help you get started with ASP.NET AJAX, virtually all of the “How Do I” with ASP.NET AJAX videos have been updated for the Release Candidate.

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  1. SUNIEL says:

    I want to update my site to an .asp AJAX net website

  2. EMack_9989 says:

    I click on the video link and it’s secured!!!  Are you just yanking our chain here?  Is there a generic userid and pw we can use to access the videos?  

  3. bgold says:

    EMack — I fixed the video link, sorry about that 🙁

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