Coding4Fun v2 (redesigned) is now live

DanielFe and team shipped a new design for Coding4Fun -- it ROCKS, definitley check it out

Get more info from Dan's blog

Comments (4)

  1. Brian Johnston says:

    Could you possibly send word to them to update there links.  I want to check out the rest of the ‘Beginning Game Development’ series but the links are broken and search on MSDN pulls back results (but they’re broken too).  I know this is an unfortunate part of site upgrades, but that looks like a cools series I’d like to check out and can only get the two articles currently headlined.  (I dropped them an email too).  Enjoy Vegas.

  2. bgold says:

    Thanks Brian, I’ll let the team know as well.

  3. Sondre says:

    I’m sorry but the new design looks like it’s from the 90’s and I was trying to find where you had used the BLINK tag. But seriously, that design has to be re-done quickly, it’s horrible.

  4. rrrobson says:

    Would love to check it out.  However, each time I try, it is down!

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