Running IE6 & IE7 on one machine, the right way

We have heard tons of feedback about the need for developers to run both IE6 and IE7 on their machine simultaneously to test Web sites.  The challenge is that when you install IE7 it replaces IE6.  To date we have not had a supported way of handling this although there have been myriad hack ways…


RTW of the CSS Friendly Adapters

Update: great article by Scott Mitchell on how to use these things went up If you’re not a fan of table based markup being emitted from ASP.NET server controls, you won’t want to miss the release of ASP.NET CSS Friendly Control Adapters 1.0! Since our first beta of this kit, we’ve made several enhancements and…


Microsofft AJAX Library class browser from Eilon!

Once upon a time (in the CTP days), Wilco wrote a nice class browser that has been used for a while by the documentation site. Eilon has written a new class browser that is more complete than Wilco’s and that has the interesting particularity to build on top of a reflection layer for the AJAX…


Patterns & Practices: Web Client Software Factory

The P&P folks are busily working on a great software factory (similar to the Smart Client factory) but entire for the Web!   At a high level the factory will include: Scenario documentation (a description of the requirements and technical challenges that the factory will address) Architecture documentation Design patterns How-tos Guidance Packages (Visual Studio…


MIX is coming back to Vegas in 2007!

Ahh MIX!  It was an amazing show last year and we are bringing it back again, same amazing venue, with cutting edge content and one of the best vibes of any show I’ve ever been to.  So, save the date — it’s scheduled for April 30 – May 2, 2007 at the Venetian Hotel in…


At Connections in Las Vegas

Just got into Las Vegas, and I must say THEHotel is the best hotel in the strip (still).  I’ll be at the show until Wednesday, be sure to check out our booth, and the keynotes Monday evening and Tuesday AM.  Drop by and say hello and enjoy the show!


Coding4Fun v2 (redesigned) is now live

DanielFe and team shipped a new design for Coding4Fun — it ROCKS, definitley check it out Get more info from Dan’s blog


Microsoft and Zend Announce Collaboration to Enhance PHP on IIS/Windows

I’m being lazy and stealing verbatim from Keith’s post (Update: also check out ScottGu’s great post here)   As part of today’s keynote presentation at ZendCon, Bill Staples, Microsoft’s Product Unit Manager for Internet Information Services (IIS), announced a new collaboration with Zend to improve performance and stability of PHP on Windows. This isn’t just…


Great info on UpdatePanel in ASP.NET AJAX

Eilon Lipton, the developer for UpdatePanel recently posted some great resources to the forums that are a must read for anyone interested in UpdatePanel (yes all of you :)) What’s up with UpdatePanels and how come nothing works?This is a higher level piece that explains how UpdatePanel changed from being automatic (and broken) in the…