IE7 for Windows XP SP2 now available

Lot's of others have already posted on this and I'm late to the party, so I'll be a pointer for those of you who may not have seen the hundreds of blog posts or news articles 🙂  It has been a long journey working with the IE team and getting this amazing browser into the hands of customers.  It is just a first step and there is so much more we will be doing.

For developers, Pete LePage on my team is driving a ton of new content, improved developer center, some fun contests and more - I'll keep you posted.

Links to read more details:

IE Blog

Pete LePage's Blog

Somasegar's Blog


I've been a bad blog delinquent and lot's of stuff in my queue, hoping to get better over the next few weeks, expect a bunch of fun and I plan to be more diligent!  Thanks for your support.

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