Great new training course on "Atlas"

The folks at Pluralsight are introducing a new course, "Introducing Atlas", which will debut this fall.  Should be good stuff with great authors -- so give it a look -- here is the info they wanted me to share 🙂 


This course, authored by Fritz Onion and Joe Hummel, covers the features of Atlas from a very practical perspective and is designed to bring ASP.NET developers quickly up to speed on how best to leverage the extensive features of the framework. This course covers both the server-side and client-side features of Atlas in depth, as well as techniques for debugging, and general design guidelines and issues with building AJAX-enabled Web applications.  .  For more information, visit


Comments (6)

  1. Vasu says: link in your article does not work?

  2. Divya Raj says:


    I need training material to my id


  3. Hok says:


    Do you know some tutorial about how to make web instant messenger using atlas? I am trying to make front end of Yahoo and Microsoft network and a local for Final Project. I have been posting in but no one can help.

    Thank you.

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