New ASP.NET training from Total Training coming soon, get 35% off from me :)

Lately I’ve been working with the folks over at TotalTraining to build out a fantastic set of ASP.NET training.  They have a long history of providing super-high quality content targeted at designers (and I mean SUPER high quality, HD!), so this foray into the developer space is going to be amazing – there stuff is really great.


They wanted me to post the detailed info on the training they are about to deliver (which you should definitely check out) and also gave me permission to offer a pretty killer discount to you all, 35% off! 



Coupon Code: save35aspnet

35% off ASP.NET Training (set 1)

Expires: 9/5/06



New ASP.NET Video Tutorials Coming Soon:

Total Training for Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Building Web Applications Set 1


Availability: August 17, 2006

Format: DVD(ROM)

Hours: Approximately 10


Get up to speed with one of the hottest tools for building powerful, dynamic web applications. ASP.NET's easy programming model makes building real world Web applications dramatically easier. You will learn how to enable an HTML-like style of declarative programming that lets you build great pages with far less effort than with classic ASP or technologies like PHP or JSP.


Lesson Titles:

Part 1 - Getting Started with ASP.NET

Lesson 1 - Overview of ASP.NET

Lesson 2 - Adding Controls to a Web Page Lesson 3 - Web Page Processing Lesson 4 - Validating User Input Lesson 5 - Navigating a Website


Part 2 - Creating & Deploying Rich ASP.NET Web Applications Lesson 1 - Understanding ASP.NET Apps Lesson 2 - Data Binding Lesson 3 - Rich Data Binding Lesson 4 - Deploying an ASP.NET Web Application


To watch a clip and learn more, click here:

Comments (8)

  1. ned says:

    If you have any influence with Total Training get them to do their videos with Windows Media instead of QuickTime.

    I’ve been a fan of theirs for 5 years but their recent change to RAM DVD videos in QuickTime has caused me lots of grief.

    QuickTime does not have good Windows manners.

  2. bgold says:

    ned — not sure how much pull I have with them in that way, I have no doubt they have their own reasons for their technology choices, but I agree that QT and Windows don’t always play nice together.

    I forwarded your comment on directly to some senior folks over there, so your feedback has been delivered.

  3. Hi Ned,

    Thanks for the comments regarding Total Training using Windows Media videos for this ASP.NET series.  

    I can confirm that the movie files are indeed Windows Media for this ASP.NET product.  These files are wrapped in our interactive user interface which allows you to easily navigate the training, bookmark chapters, control the movies, etc.

    Again, we appreciate your feedback and look forward to bringing you this series.



    Steve Johnson

    Total Training

  4. Justin says:

    I just signed up for my copy of ASP.Net training. I’ve gone through their Flash training and I’m excited about learning more ASP.Net.

  5. bgold says:

    Justin — great to hear!  Let us all know how it goes.

  6. Their Photoshop training is the best. I went from brute force, getting things done with trial and error, to making real what I envision.

    Deke is a great trainer. The best.

  7. David Armstrong says:

    Thanks for posting your discount on set 1. I purchased it last week. Right now I’m in the middle of a web development project and am in learn mode on ASP.

    I received a call from a TT rep yesterday about some other training I had ordered a few months back and asked her about further ASP training. She sent me an email to let me know that ASP set 2 will be out Sept 19th.

    I don’t suppose there’ll be another discount code posted here for that set? 35% off was really cool!

    Thanks Again,

    David Armstrong

  8. Lars Espen says:

    Will the 35% off coupon code work for TT Asp.Net2 Boundle?

    Thanx again for a very useful blog 🙂

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