Evaluate Commerce Server 2007, get Developer Edition now for FREE

Commerce Server 2007 is coming very shortly and as part of the new Commerce Server 2007 wave we have decided to forego charging for Developer Edition -- now you can easily trial and begin building your Commerce Server based applications by just downloading Developer Edition for free.  It is a full featured version of Commerce Server 2007 Enterprise Edition that is restricted to dev/test only.

Ryan Donovan explains more here

Download Developer Edition today by registering and downloading at: http://www.microsoft.com/commerceserver/evaluation/software.mspx 

Let us know what you think -- we are very excited about what CS07 has to offer for B2B/B2C scenarios as well as a new breed of connecte commerce based applications.  Over the coming months we'll be updating training (both ILT and e-learning), expanding our online offering, creating a hosted set of virtual hands on labs and more.  Best part about it is that CS07 is completely based on ASP.NET 2.0 so you can easily transfer your skills and leverage this powerful and easily customizable end to end solution.

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