Carolyn Holmes on Women in Technology on Channel 9

My partner in crime for the VS2005 launch keynote demo with Steve Ballmer was Carolyn Holmes, a student at the University of Washington.  She helped me demo Visual Web Developer and got her big time demo debut on one of the biggest stages in the world.  Now, she is famous again, talking about women in technology on Channel 9.   A must watch.


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  1. Welcome says:

    They can have the jobs. I want out of IT, it’s a dead end job and not even a "career" move.  Its actually a bigger career move to get out while you can. Be a plumber and earn more money and more thanks than IT.  Please, take my job. I dont want the thing. Working at Microsoft is just more hassle than its worth (unless your a kiss ass manager).

  2. Lisa Brummel says:

    If the best we can come up with from Lisa Brummel’s spout hole is MyMicrosoft. God help us.

  3. MyMicrosoft says:

    I can see Lisa Brummel’s visionary thoughts now..









  4. cowgaR says:

    ‘we love the windows’

    heh, that was a good one!

    my classic question, where can I download the presentation?

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