Commerce Server 2007 RC1 Released

Today is a very exciting day for the Commerce Server team -- at about 5:15pm they announced availability of CS07 RC1 bits.  I'm personally excited to have CS responsibility on my team and begin deeper engagements with enterprise e-commerce.  The CS07 release is monumental --  read about all the details on Ryan Donovan's (PUM of CS) blog post.

Key highlights:

Today’s Release Candidate marks the most revolutionary release of e-commerce technology in Microsoft’s history. It represents the culmination of several years of engineering efforts, highlighted by:

• Pervasive Services Oriented Architecture via ASP.NET 2.0 Web Services
• Integrated Application Integration (via BizTalk Server 2006 Adapters) for Line-of-Business & B2B Trading Partner Interoperability
• World-class flexibility with Catalogs – there isn’t much you can’t model anymore including difficult aggregation and seasonal merchandizing scenarios
• Integrated, Transactional Staging/Deployment
• Extraordinary performance – we can run a simulated Top 10 Retail+ peak e-commerce volume on 4 Web/2 low-end SQL servers
• Full integration with ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005
• The best implementation of e-commerce basics (Catalogs, Inventory, Marketing, & Orders + reporting capabilities) to-date

Download the bits on
Details at:


Comments (5)

  1. Bobby says:

    do you think too good?

  2. Tommi says:

    Has anyone any idea how much this is going to cost. The previous Commerce Server (2002) was quite pricy and although I used it in one project, I could have sold it to many more without the pricetag of 8.000 USD + SQL Server + Windows Server = 15.000 USD…

  3. Well the news is all over the place, from Ryan Donovan’s blog to Scott Guthrie’s blog to Brian Goldfarb’s…

  4. bgold says:

    Tommi — CS07 pricing is commensurate to CS02 pricing.  We are looking at ways to address more affordable commerce needs in the SMB space.  Plan is to provide much more information around CS07 and futures plans in the late july/august time frame.

    hope this helps,


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