Great news VWD is free, forever — and the Classified Ad Starter Kit is now in beta

Learn more here:

Oh and the beta of the Classified Ad Starter Kit is now live -- check it out, find bugs, give us feedback.

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  1. saudhall says:

    I Think its really nice, well i installed Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition Last week, so you think its free ? do you have some more videos available for training, to be more specific  am looking forward to something to create RSS for my personal page using AJAX.

    I wanna know if we can do file handling with javascript.



  2. Jur0 says:

    This is great news for all those who want to learn Framework 2.0.

  3. John Crocker says:

    My only concern now Express editions are free forever, is the competitors of Visual Studio will get together and file an anticompetitive lawsuit in the US courts..  I only hope this doesnt spoil the party…

  4. I installed VWD and its works like a dreams its to easy to develope complex web applications in minuts and the learning material is more helpfull.

    In the learning videos mostly with data grid and view but no more example with the insert data into the database and such like that.

    thnx Microsoft

  5. King says:


    I’ve been playing around with VWD for my final year project development and found it to be interesting and helps me in my experience in developing ASP.NET 2.0 apps. I do wish to continue using VWD and ASP.NET 2.0. Now that VWD is free forever, we’ll get to enjoy longer period of small-scale developments. ^^

  6. khuziz says:

    Looking forward to when we will be able to develop addins for express editions…

  7. Brian J. says:

    Saurabh – if that was possible then I think Microsoft would of sued the makers of other makers of free IDE’s that compete with Visual Studio.  

    I think Microsoft is trying (and doing a good job) of combating the negative image portrayed by it’s competitors (incorrectly) that Microsoft is only concerned with making big dollars off of large coporations and they have no support or products that are affordable solutions for the small business.  

    This is just smart business on their part to offer such a powerful and capable tool for free.  It also has the added benifit of giving those who may be curious about .NET a chance to try (and learn) with absolutely no risk what-so-ever.

  8. German says:

    Any Idea when the Classified Starterkit will come out of Beta version and give away a full fledged final starterkit.

    Pl. inform us.


  9. Cesar says:

    I took a look and even installed it. It looks nice but it is missing and I think will be, some core nice feature that I consider a must have, for example, multicategory listing.

  10. Tom van der Vlugt says:

    It’s very nice that VWD and the other express tools are free forever. The competitor mustn’t do lawsuits against MS, since some of them do also give away basic editions of their software for home and student usage. Before VS 2005 Express Edition Microsoft hasn’t released any Integrated Development Environment for free. The former Standard editions as known as Learning editions of the IDEs have always been bare-bones versions with very limited capabilities. The Express editions from VS 2005 have more capabilities. Is’s a good step of Microsoft, because of true competition.

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