"Atlas" Control Toolkit released!

It has been a busy week over here, but we just released the "Atlas" Control Toolkit -- a must see for anyone who is using or interested in "Atlas."  The kit contains nine controls that make adding client-side functionality to your site super easy -- and the plan is turn this into a community contribution shared source project so it can continue to evolve and grow.  The kit also contains starter templates that make it easier then before to build your own custom components and extenders for "Atlas."   Check out Shawn Burke's blog post to learn more -- since his team built the toolkit.  Or learn about it online at: http://atlas.asp.net/default.aspx?tabid=47&subtabid=477

You can see all the samples running in the sample site at http://atlas.asp.net/atlastoolkit/
Give us feedback, bug reports, and suggestions at the forum at: http://forums.asp.net/1022/ShowForum.aspx


Comments (12)

  1. Brian Johnston says:

    Are there any new Atlas videos comming out?  The videos have been great (and essential) for helping me keep up with the vast plethora of items coming out of Redmond lately….thanks for all you folks are doing out there and keeping us out in the trenches in the circle!

  2. jur0 says:

    If Atlas is as good as you are trying to convince why it doesn’t support different browsers like Opera ?

  3. bgold says:

    Brian —

    We are in the process of creating more videos.  We have a new person joining the team who is going to be building several HowDoI videos a week, with the goal of 1 a week on "Atlas."  One on the Atlas Toolkit is also in the works very soon.  Glad you like them!

  4. bgold says:

    Jur0 – "Atlas" is still in development and currently supports IE, firefox, and safari (mostly) — getting cross-browser, cross-platform support working is a priority of ours and with each subsequent CTP of "Atlas" our support for standards based browsers will continue to improve.

    Hope this helps.


  5. Ian Muir says:

    When it comes to AJAX, I hate Opera and Safari. I don’t envy the people at Microsoft that have to get this going cross browser.

  6. Delay's Blog says:

       I’ve been watching the web for coverage of the Agility Team’s recent "Atlas"

       Control Toolkit…

  7. Web Developer says:

    The examples are NOT working with Safari. I can’t deploy any of this.

  8. bgold says:

    Web Developer —

    Yes a current limitation in the April Build of "Atlas" is FULL Safari support.  Cross-browser/cross-platform is a priority for us and we expect Safari to come online in a CTP drop of "Atlas" in the near future.  We are working on it — that is for sure.  It currently works on IE and Firefox.

    Hope this helps,


  9. dev in thailand says:

    Control toolkit is support cross browser?

    – firefox

    – mozila

  10. bgold says:

    Dev in Thailand —  "Atlas" will be cross browser compatible, today it works great on firefox, IE and I think Mozilla.  Safari support is coming along.  IN the next few CTP’s you’ll continue to see this functionality improve.

    Since the toolkit builds on "Atlas" its cross-browser support is directly tied to it.

    hope this helps,


  11. Jur0 says:

    Don’t get me wrong I’m just looking from developer position. Unfortunately in most cases we have to develop applications which supports different browsers. Opera is one of them. Another things which draw my attention is huge cpu encumbrance on Pageflakes. Performance should be taken care of I you ask me 😉

  12. Delay's Blog says:

    I’ve been watching the web for coverage of the Agility Team’s recent "Atlas" Control Toolkit release.

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