"Atlas" March CTP with Go Live license, now available

If you aren't paying attention to MIX06 then you missed some very big news.  The "Atlas" March CTP is now available (as of 90 minutes ago) and it now has a Go Live license so you can take applications into production.  We also relaunched the http://atlas.asp.net/ with a new "Atlas" enabled experience, customer profiles, improved "Atlas" documentation and more. 

Lastly, today we are kicking off the "Mash-it-up with 'Atlas'" contest, a great way for you to get your hands dirty with the bits and win cool prizes.  Build a killer mash-up with "Atlas," share it with us, and you could be the big winner. 


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  1. Via Brian in the category of very cool!

    If you aren’t paying attention to MIX06 then you missed some…

  2. sashi says:


  3. Justin Magaram says:

    I’m wondering why the Atlas web site is not on the "microsoft.com" domain? Does this mean that Microsoft won’t incorporate this into the next version of Visual Studio, or that Microsoft won’t support it moving into the future?

  4. bgold says:

    Justin — *.asp.net is the official community for ASP.NET – owned by Microsoft and our team, operated for us by Telligent Systems.  We use this site to host a lot of our content because it enables us to use things like "Atlas" on our site earlier then it would be elsewhere.  Also, this site has been around for 5+ years now, and people just seem to know to go there for content related to our technologies.

    So, definitley know that "Atlas" will be part of the next version of ASP.NET and we are working hard on "Atlas" tool support for the Visual Studio "Orcas" release.  At that time, "Atlas" will fall under the same support policy as the rest of the framework and tools.

    Hope this helps.


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