Watch ASP.NET 2.0 Webcasts, get VS2005 for free

This ASP.NET 2.0 webcast series is specifically built to help PHP, JSP, and ColdFusion developers extend their skill sets to include ASP.NET -- know anyone who is interested?  Let them know...  Or if you just want to sharpen your skills?  Either way, check out -- attend 3 webcasts and get a bunch of great free stuff including VS2005, a book, hosting and more.

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  1. test says:

    join me

  2. Reginald Payton says:


  3. Reginald Payton says:

    No comment

  4. Peer Sajad says:

    I would love to use vs2005

  5. sureshsahu says:


  6. sureshsahu says:


  7. santhosh says:

    I tried to register for the web cat, but they accept only US and Canada address, and I am in UK. Wondering will there be any additional web casts for this part of the world.

  8. Al Musella says:

    The learn2asp pages do not work in IE7 beta.. and that is the only browser I have access to right now.

    Also – it would be much easier if we could view them at any time – I am not free during the day. I work:)

  9. bgold says:

    Santhosh- we are aware of this and working on possible solutions this week.

    Al: We are aware of the issue and are actively working to resolve the rendering issues this week.  As for timing of webcasts, not sure, but I have email into Jon Byrum (who is in charge of this effort) and he should reply soon — he is on vacation today 🙂

  10. regular reader says:

    How does one initiate the on demand web casts?

  11. bgold says:

    regular reader: you need to signup at

  12. regular reader says:


    I am signed up but I work 7 to 7 EST and am hoping MS makes the live webcasts on demand.

    But, my initial question is I selected one of the on demand ones and it is showing in my queue but I do not see an option to actually view it.

    I’ve checked several times, the calendar icon is not selectable nor do I see any link on the on demand ones.


  13. bgold says:

    Regular Reader — I’ll send this request over to Jon — he’ll be back on mail tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience.


  14. jeffboca says:

    Thank you for making these webcasts available.  Now if only I could figure out how to actually view them.

  15. Monique says:

    I’m usinG IE7 and am experiencing problems.

    I did manage to sign up for webcasts, but I am not able to use any.

    The Mobile Links had classes that had already occurred and should have been on demand, I am assuming that the purple D means on demand and green L means Live(although I didn’t see this states on the page).

    I’m interested in the ASP.NET for PHP series.

    I’m assuming that the appearance of the calender icons means I’m signed up for the webcast.

    I am scheduled to view one at this moment but I cannot get any link into the webcast.  

    Am I supposed to find the link at the MS Events site or this one?

    Please advice.

  16. Monique says:

    Hello Again,

    I found a quick way around my problem that may work for others.

    I right-click the calender into notepad or any text editor ,

    then I copy-n-paster the course link form the calender into the browser and if it’s current I’ll get signed in.

    If you have the time you can do this fall all of your calender links, until the problems resolved.


  17. Monique says:

    That link I came by from the link in the email.

    I had trouble joining because of IE7 and so I had to download the console version instead of use the webconsole version.

    If you already registered just use your email in the forgot password link and you’ll get a neat email with the courses you registered for at the website.

    You’ll have to wait 24 before the on demand is open.

    Download the console in advance and make sure your audio for win media player works.

    I get errors.  I haven’t gotten around to figring out the error that says I’m not connected to the internet when I am.  This is player 10 and it’s been generating that since IE7 install, I have AOL browser also.  I can play downloaded video put only it’s no-go.  I check the options setting but to no avail.

    Anyhow, make sure you’re all setup first if you have IE7, the webconsole doesn’t work well with it.

  18. jeffboca says:


    I did not receive the email to gain access to the live broadcast until after the webcast started even though the email said it was starting in 30 minutes.  The link to view the recorded webcast is also not working.

    What should I do???


  19. Wayne says:

    So, anyone figure out to view an On Demand segement??  I too work when the Live broadcasts take place and am at the mercy of the purple "D".

  20. bgold says:

    Jeffboca: according to monique above, seems 24 hrs after the webcast the recorded link should start working, let me know if this isn’t true.

  21. bgold says:

    Wayne: my understanding is you can view the videos after the fact — if you haven’t gotten this to work yet (24 hrs afterwards) let me know and I’ll follow up with Jon and the vendor.  Thanks!

  22. bgold says:

    monique: thanks for posting the detailed workaround, I think this will help a lot of the posters here!

  23. Wayne says:

    Thank you for your response.  I am now able to view the On Demand for the segments that I registered for and missed.  Is there a way to view segments that were already in On Demand status when we signed up?  

  24. Andy Hay says:

    I registered for the events and got a confirming email. When I try to login to the page with my existing Passport email address and password I get a message that there is no record of my account.

    I have been able to view 4 on demand webcasts by clicking on the event in my email confirmation.  I get a message that the event has already occured but I can click on a button to view the on demand event.

    No where do I know if these are counted towards the 3 events needed for the development pack.

  25. bgold says:

    Got some info — I saw a screenshot that shows all of the content being streamed, but if you are having trouble you can go directly to the source — Ascentium is managing the infrastructure for this and they have a special support alias at  — so send them your issues and they’ll be best able to help.

    Hope this helps.

  26. bgold says:

    Wayne – According to Jon, Log back into to sign up for additional webcasts

    Andy,– According to Jon both live and on-demand webcasts count towards the development pack.  Please contact for any site log in issues.



  27. egyamado says:

    join me please Brain



  28. fqch1981 says:


  29. jaleel says:

    join me.. love to the free vs2005

  30. Monique says:

    I’ve managed to complete all my live casts and on demand casts.

    I had to turn off my AOL Dialer program and boot via my isp broswer, which later boots the AOL Dailer.  AOL SE browser uses ie6, it’s their customized ie6 basically.

    Once I changed how our load to the inet everything worked as it’s suppose to.

    It seems there is some problem with the boot sequence.  The AOL Dailer as the first boot was my problem, not ie7.

    I use the dailer to autoboot and auto reconnect to my isp.

    Turning that off and booting from the browser first solved my problem.

  31. Monique says:


    These webcasts are the best, even on the topics you are familar with.

    You’re are learning form the best and durring the live, which is better because of the Q and A part and peple asking question I didn’t think of but will get to using in my project.

    The on demand doesn’t include the Q and A, but some of the instructors, all of whom give you their url to download the webcast and some extras, some give their email so that you can ask them some question personally.

    You will enjoy these webcast and the live especially so.

    I learned some tips and trick durring the course that are so helpful for my project.

    Thanks for this great service….

    PS:  I can’t belief what I’m getting for free, man the late comers to this are missing out big time.

  32. Monique says:

    Addedum:  Sorry I didn’t do one big post.

    When you’ve completed 3 on demand or live webcasts, you will receive and email that your package is being shipped out.  I got mine on tuesday.

    They must have embedded code to know that the entire course played through, plus there is a surbey at the end of each.  The live happend live in the browser and the on demand happens by clicking the link.

    I was told that you do not have to fill the survey to receive the credit, but it’s worth doing and these guys are really good that’s there’s nothing to it.

    The free 30 day host to play with what you learned is easy to signup and use.  You get more than one db to play with.

    You’ll see MS logo after signup, this site is in russia.

    One thing is, if you planned to use this test and dump into your project, you’ll have to reconfig if your host isn’t so generous.  I use godaddy and I have to create code to make going from test to production.

    Godaddy offers on db and their webadmin doesn’t offer an export of multiple table structures and the data.  Their sql admin only offer an import of data, one existing table at a time.  Yeah, sure, so I have to write a script to automate from dev to prod.  Had to gripe here, sorry.

  33. pinu says:

    please send some samples of websides using

  34. Brandon Hines says:

    Between this and the Visual Studio Discovery 2005 Pack offered through the Visual Basic E-Learning webcasts ( and the current "one re-take free" promotions I’ll be well on my way to a MCSE at one hell of a reduced cost.  ;0

    Honestly though, these a great promotions and I learned a helluva lot about ASP.NET 2.0 that I was unaware of.  The next project I start <em>AN2</em> rather PHP.  Entend my thanks to whoever cooked these up.

  35. Satya says:


    I want the ASP2.0 Document

  36. robiS says:


    I’m not from US and Canda but I would like to watch webcats (JSP) and get VS.

    How to do it?


  37. bgold says:

    robiS – you should be able to go to the site, register, and watch the streaming versions.  If you have any issues, please email for support.

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