See a demo of"Crossbow" – Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation Interoperability

In November, I took on a new role as the Lead Product Manager for the Client/Web Platform and Tools team.  This is a new charter for our group and it mirrors the charter that Scott Guthrie's new organization is responsible for.  One of the product units we look after is called UIFx which incorproates both the ASP.NET framework team and the Windows Form framework team.  Together, they are going to be able to build an amazing set of integrated framework technologies for delivering technologies both in the browser and on the desktop.

One of the cool incubation projects in the team is a project codenamed "Crossbow," which is a set of technology to enable WinForms and WPF interop -- or the ability to easily integrate WPF based components into tradition, WinForms based Smart Client applications -- this enables developers to easily add even richer UI to existing WinForms investments and help simplify integrating WPF investments into existing applications.

Mike Henderlight, one of the PM's on CrossBow recently did an awesome MSDN TV episode focused on "CrossBow" -- you should check it out here

Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. What is WPF? (Hoping you can tell me so I don’t need to slog through the video…)

  2. bgold says:

    WPF = Windows Presentation Foundatioin 🙂

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