Innovation Frustration? You bet, and through an interesting chain of events

So this entry is definitely not the normal useful stuff - consider this more of a <rant> and an interesting story that I felt compelled to write down.

First -- who would ever think that weird technology connections would ever be created around a Duke Basketball game at 10AM on the West coast?  Well it did, and through a weird chain of emails to go to the Village Pub in Magnolia to the Duke alumni list here in Seattle, to them not being open (the place rocks, but they have failed me twice so the word is NEVER EVER GO THERE -- not worth it), to taking this other alumni to another bar where we could watch.... and that was the beginning.

Turns out this "other alumni" was none other then Buzz Bruggeman -- yea I'd never heard of him until today, but I've done the requisite searching, checked in with my go-to blogging expert (Robert Scoble), and he is the real deal... I mean -- I knew he meant business when he busted out a portfolio and wrote down the names of everyone he met at the bar (the 3 of us).  The conversation was technical to a point, he pitched his technology (ActiveWords) and even found me online and sent the requisite follow-up email.  This guy is a pro, and you know what?  In a few weeks when I have some free time I'm going to download ActiveWords and give it a test run (sure I could be doing it now, but this is more fun).

ANYWAY to that point, during my reserach and on Buzz's blog I ran across a link to a Virtual Assistant named Diane ( who had posted an article on Text to Pay technology!  AND HERE IS where I get upset...  I've been pitching this concept to Dave Nielson and the evangelism team over at PayPal for two years.  I kept selling them this vision (mind you it is microsoft centric, but I also said, you could do a text based solution for the masses!)

Dave -- here is the  demo.. you are on stage, with Bill Gates...  and you go hey Bill, I need to borrow $100  for blah -- and Bill goes, well.. here is $100, but can you pay me back now?  So you whip out your smartphone and fire up the PayPal INstant Pay App (Compact framework based) -- it logs you into paypal, you pull Bill Gates up in your address book, say "PAY $100" -- and hit send.  Now that is kinda cool -- but here is where things get better, Bill's phone starts buzzing a few seconds later and his message says, "Confirmed Payment receipt of $100) -- meaning that on the back end, PayPal verified the funds existied, made the transfer and the cash was now ready for Bill to withdraw -- so he hands over the cash to Dave, and we are done.

Now that would have made for a KICK ass demo.  And this was in Late 2003!!! I swear, every now and then I have a nugget -- if only people would listen.  Sounds like someone else is going to get rich too over it (,70199-0.html?  -- good for them, I can't wait to get the technolgoy, I'm probably out over $1000 dollars in little $10-$20 dollar cash loans to friends that never get paid back -- this is the solution.

Ok </rant> --

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  1. Brian…

    And the best part was that Duke won! Great meeting you guys.

    Let me know when you want the guided tour of ActiveWords!


  2. Steven Kent says:

    I particulary like the <rant></rant> tags.  

  3. bgold says:

    Buzz: Yes Duke winning was huge 🙂  I’ll let you know when I’m unburied and we’ll do that guided tour.

  4. bgold says:

    Steven: I couldn’t leave that one completely ‘untagged’ 🙂

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