Meet the Source Fource (and get some cool action figures!)

The MSDN Webcast/V-Lab team is running a very cool marketing campaign to get you watching and trying out the labs and webcasts.  There is amazingly useful content on there online and I encourage you to at least check out the options.  Plus, if you get hooked, you can start collecting some neat little action figures (nine guy, watch your back) --

The story:

Wanna get one of four MSDN Actions figures?  Microsoft will be releasing a new Source Fource action figure each month.  To get one, simply view four live MSDN Webcasts or Virtual Labs in the month.  An action figure will be sent to your doorstep, free of charge.  Remember that you need to fill out the evaluation at the end of the Webcast to receive credit.  To learn more and collect all four, visit


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