Which Superhero are you?

Found this cool quiz from Frank Shaw @ TheGlassHouse, I’m Spiderman, which super hero are you?     Your results:You are Spider-Man Spider-Man 70% Green Lantern 60% The Flash 50% Iron Man 45% Superman 40% Supergirl 40% Catwoman 40% Wonder Woman 35% Robin 25% Batman 20% Hulk 10% You are intelligent, witty, a bit geeky…


ASP.NET AJAX RC 1 is here! Download now

We are making great progress with ASP.NET AJAX and are definitely winding down to the home stretch.  I’m happy to announce immediate availability of ASP.NET AJAX RC 1.  Here is the blurb from the www.asp.net homepage:   ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Release Candidate is now available for download. ASP.NET AJAX is a free framework for creating client-centric,…


Great new ASP.NET training from Total Training

I got a mail from the folks over at Total Training today letting me know that Set 1 of their awesome ASP.NET 2.0 video training is available — they are offering a free hour to wet your appetitie — details below.  Enjoy!   Total Training offers 1 Hour of complimentary video training on ASP.NET 2.0:…


Expression Web and MSDN, learn more

Robert McLaws started an interesting discussion on his blog about Expression Web and MSDN.  I gave Robert some feedback that the Expression team provided and it has spurred a very interesting discussion.  Sometimes it is hard to truly understand how these decisions pan out without tons of context.  However, Chris Treadaway, the business manager for…


IIS7 Beta Hosting at DiscountASP

I got an email yesterday from Takeshi over at DiscountASP and they just launched free IIS7 Beta hosting for all customers who are interested.  You can get all the details at http://www.discountasp.net/sp_iis7hosting.aspx This is a great way to experiment with the great new features of IIS7, especially the integrated extensibility pipeline and ASP.NET integration.  With the…


Get "WPF/E" onto a Web Page in seconds using ASP.NET AJAX Extenders

Kudos to the ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit team for creating a killer extender to simplify getting a “WPF/E” control onto a page.  I love seeing the agility we have with the toolkit releases. Shawn Burke has all the details


"WPF/E" CTP and Expression Studio Announced

For the past several months I’ve been spending more and more of my time at work focused on our broader UX story, designers, and our rich media platform.  It has been quite a ride, ramping up on parts of the business that I haven’t had a lot of famiiarity with but are critical to our…


Running IE6 & IE7 on one machine, the right way

We have heard tons of feedback about the need for developers to run both IE6 and IE7 on their machine simultaneously to test Web sites.  The challenge is that when you install IE7 it replaces IE6.  To date we have not had a supported way of handling this although there have been myriad hack ways…


RTW of the CSS Friendly Adapters

Update: great article by Scott Mitchell on how to use these things went up If you’re not a fan of table based markup being emitted from ASP.NET server controls, you won’t want to miss the release of ASP.NET CSS Friendly Control Adapters 1.0! Since our first beta of this kit, we’ve made several enhancements and…


Microsofft AJAX Library class browser from Eilon!

Once upon a time (in the CTP days), Wilco wrote a nice class browser that has been used for a while by the ajax.asp.net documentation site. Eilon has written a new class browser that is more complete than Wilco’s and that has the interesting particularity to build on top of a reflection layer for the AJAX…