Commerce Starter Kit 1.0.2 released today!

Definitely worth checking out, I'm excited about how the kit is progressing and am looking forward to lots of great functionality coming from the project!

11/23/2005 - 1.0.2 Released (with PayPal Payments Standard!)
Version 1.0.2 of the Commerce Starter Kit was released today with the following updates:

  • Added support for PaymentsStandard
  • Fixed the LocationSelector so it properly shows saved country/state
  • Further fixed localization
  • Added a log viewer for the admin section
  • Created an IPN/PDT handler for PaymentsStandard
  • Added the API dlls to the web root
  • Added the WSDLs for the PayPal API to the Commerce.PayPal project
  • Fixed DirectCheckout error using foreign credit cards

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  1. Chris Aman says:

    I would just like to make my computer work for me. Not just E-mails,Clip Art and Letter writting as well as cleaning up pictures. I do not know how to paste and copy sentences or parts of text to another document or even to a part of the same document. Put it this way I am self taught typing and everthing on the computer and I am over fifty now. Still teachable. Or maybe you can recomend what course I should apply for.

    Thank you

    Chris Aman

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