Watch the launch keynote live!

Launch is upon us -- this is a very exciting day for me!  I jump on a plane here in a few hours to head down to SF and start the final rehearsals for the Steve Ballmer keynote where we will begin the official coming out party for VS2005!

If you aren't going to be there, it is ok, join the keynote live, at

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  1. Adam Lea says:

    Brian, loved the demonstration of the cool features of Web Developer Express, looks exciting enough to tear an old PHP guy away from notepad (OK, & Dreamweaver)!

    Thanks for a great job and pass my thanks on to Carolyn as well…off to download my FREE tools!



  2. bgold says:

    Thanks Adam! I’ll make sure Carolyn sees this. Definitely let me know how it goes with the tools.

  3. daryllmc says:

    MUCH props to Carolyn (you too of course, but you’re getting to be a pro at this). I called it out on my post on the demo. Nice work my man!

  4. richy says:

    Great Demo Brian, you are almost getting as famous as me now…

  5. bgold says:

    Thanks for the kind words Richard — sounds like you had quite the experience on your side of the pond!

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