XCode and Visual Studio go head to head


I blogged earlier about a cool photo sharing product called Phanfare and I recently stumbled across their blog where they are discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly of developing client applications for use against their ASP.NET backend (which has lots and lots of Web Services encapsulating business logic).

From what I know, they built a .NET Smart Client application as their first interface to the application for customers.  It is what I use and think they did a great job providing an easy to use system with a pretty rich level of functionality.  Turns out, they also built a client application for their service for the Mac and as a result have a lot great anecodotes about the experiences with the tools.  It is definitely a worthwhile read to see what the app building process for the platforms is really like.  My personal favorte anecdote is just how easy it is for them to do Web Serivces from Objective C  -- all it took was re-writing the compiler for an open source solution called gSoap -- you know, simple stuff 🙂 

Curious your thoughts - -anyone else have experiences like this?  Better?  Worse?  I want to hear it all!

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  1. dude says:

    yeah, well, the fact that they couldn’t figure out the Mac API says more about their skill level than the quality of the API. I mean, they even say they didn’t even bother setting up a test app, and they still say they can’t figure it out – they didn’t even try! The rest of the blog is thinly disguised anti-Apple FUD basically.

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