Building ASP.NET 2.0 Web Sites Using Web Standards

This article was written awhile ago but got stuck in our MSDN Editorial queue (with about 10 other articles still sadly) but they are coming out -- if you are interested in Standards based design this article does a great job of explaining how things in ASP.NET 2.0 work and how to build those sites to be standards based.

Check it out here at:

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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    You have no idea how sweet this is. All uppercase tags and stuff in 1.1 drove me batty This was long overdue. Compliant html would have been nice but compliant xhtml with validation tools to boot you can’t beat this.

  2. Garth Honhart says:

    +1 to Jeff’s comments. Two steps forward for standards compliance!!!

    My only issue now is related to the 2.0 controls. with Beta2 when they render, they only rendered in thier own table. A very frustrating thing to have pop up on the end user’s browser when one has gone to all the trouble to use CSS-P to layout a page. Dropping a bunch of tables on the screen with no summery attribute. Guess that counts as one step back.

    I’m currently setting up my Virtual PC so I can try the August CTP. Hopefully I’ll see div’s or spans instead of tables.

  3. Garth Honhart says:

    Well loaded up August CTP on my virtual pc. I installed the personal web starter kit, setup admin, launched it and viewed source.

    Sadly, the site navigation control is still table based. In fact the code output for the personal web site’s nav control consists of 7 tables. Seven tables to display 4 items, and no means in the UI to attach a summary. and that’s with the dtd set to xhtml 1.1 strict.

    I hate the idea that I might have to write my own controls, because VWD is soooo close to being being the only tool I need.

  4. B. Schroer says:

    A great article. I forwarded this one on to my staff.

  5. Mark Kamoski says:

    Great. Nice work.

    Note that Box Mode incompatibilities still can wreak havoc. See for more details. For example, IE can handle a <table> tags cellspacing and FireFox cannot. What a shame.

    I really wish there were a global, site-wide config switch for ASP.NET that said "Force FireFox and any other late-to-the-scence browser to get in line and follow the IE standard that was the result of the hands-down winner of the Browser World War I, which is IE, which was around before FireFox was twinkle in the eye of the beholder".

    Aside from that, I have no strong feelings on the matter.


    –Mark Kamoski

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