VS2005 Project System – the story

Scott Guthrie just posted all the juicy details about the ASP.NET 2.0 and VS2005 project system and tools support.  This post addresses a lot of the issues that people have been facing with the Beta 2 version of the product and shows all the changes/fixes we've implemented between Beta 2 and RTM that directly address customer feedback that we've seen.  Let us know what you think!


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  1. I’ve made a long post to Scott’s blog that details the fact that I still have a lot of complaints. It hasn’t shown up yet – apparently Scott’s unqueueing comments once he’s got an answer to them – but the key problems as I see it are:

    – It’s ok for new projects but people need backward compatibility.

    – A migration wizard is absolutely no use if you have generated code because it can never figure out the input format to the code generator.

    – Renaming files to ".exclude" to exclude them is evil because the name might be important. (None of the workarounds posted so far are anywhere near sufficient)

    – Forcing me to separate the code and UI files that are related to each other (inside and outside of App_Code respectively) specifically breaks modularity; don’t act like you know more than I do as far as what a good folder structure for my project is.

    – (to summarize) – The right thing to do would be to give us back the old project system as an option. Some of us liked it!

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