Get the August CTP of Visual Web Developer Express

Like all CTP's -- use at your own risk... you should probably install in a VPC and there are no gurantees that it will uninstall/reinstall -- so be prepared to nuke your machine for RTM if you use this build on your production box...

all that aside, this is a solid build and a great way to get ready to move your apps over to RTM since this snapshot came from that tree.

Download the VWD August CTP here:


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  1. You know what? How com the Hotab Virus did not crash your Computer. I believe it should have or may be the Sasser virus. I mean where do you come listing the installation of things you are not sure will work. It seems to me that a computer would need a hard disk memory of some 12 Zillion bytes.

  2. PeteLe says:

    Damn, you beat me to it. Not by much, but you’re fast on this thing! 😉


  3. bgold says:

    Satish — Sorry you don’t like our CTP program. The goal is to provide developers with access to our bits our and often so they can begin updating skillsets, learning the new tools, and providing feedback. CTP’s are not for everyone. If you want software that has gone through a more rigorous testing cycle you should download the Beta 2 version of Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition or wait for the final RTM release which ships on November 7, 2005.

  4. koen says:


    can I deploy an app build in the latest CTP on a server running beta2 ?



  5. bgold says:


    You can try but there are changes in the runtime between Beta 2 and the latest CTP that could cause errors. You should test against the latest runtime, but like all CTP’s it is not Go-Live…

  6. David Mackey says:

    Don’t suppose there is any place you posted a release notes set so we could know what the changes are you’ve made from Beta 2 till now? I’m a big fan of progress – and I really like being read about the actual steps of it.

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