unofficial active directory provider documentation

Big props to G. Andrew Duthie for pulling together this little post about how to get the AD providers working in Beta 2.  Yes, I know there is no documentation.  yes we are fixing that at RTM -- and even better, we are also going to be adding detailed whitepapers and samples to the Provider Toolkit that covers the AD providers in depth.

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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    Sweet I really hope you guys get all the documentation done on this. I think when I look back it was late 2004 before docs were out or at least enough docs were out to actually do something on the DirectoryServices Namespace. You have no idea how long I struggled with that namespace as it was pretty much undocumented for years finally This Book came out this is an excellent book for anyone wanting to do anything with any type of directory services in .net.

  2. bgold says:

    Jeff — we are working hard to make sure our DOC experience inside the product is solid and I’ll be suplementing everything with online content (whitepapers, samples, quickstarts, etc.). We want people to be successful and I think the provider toolkit is really going to be an awesome set of content for dealing with the new model.

  3. Jeff,

    Thank you for those kind words!

    I’m looking forward to testing Duthie’s post and any implementations for the Provider Toolkit.

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