I'm very excited about this "landing page" - -on May 1st we are
going to be kicking off a World Wide ad campaign for Visual Web
Developer 2005 Express Edition.  The ads will run online in 29
markets World Wide and the "call to action" is this landing page. 
We are trying something new and edgy with the ads -- they are
"superhero" themed and they will be thematic.  The first ad will
be very "Kavalier and Clay"
if you will (a must read if you haven't) and has a very 1940's/1950's
superman esque feel to it.  The second theme is "the guru" and is
more old anime styled with the "knowledgeable guru" giving his
superpowers to our young Web Developer.

Call it trite, call it kitsch, call it out of the box -- call it
whatever you want, I personally love it.  The image on /getvwd/
was taken from a frame of the ad.  Once the ads are live I'll post
links to them, but I'm super excited that Beta 2 is out and can't wait
for everyone and anyone to give it a run.  I think people will be
pleasantly suprirsed with the quality, functionality, ease of use, and
power of the product.

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  1. PatriotB says:

    So.. is VWD just a "lite" reincarnation of Visual InterDev?

  2. bgold says:

    Patriot —

    Not at all — Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition is a full-fledged member of the Visual Studio family — it is focused on hobbyists and enthusiast developers and evaluators to be able to quickly and easily get started using ASP.NET. The featureset of Express rolls up into the overall Visual Studio family (VS Standard, VS Pro, VS Team Suite, etc.) — and at each level you get more and more functionality.

    Visual Web Developer is a way to think of the "web fucntionality" inside of VS — and maybe you can see it as similar to VID, but certainly not a reincarnation — just our next genreation Web Development functionality.

  3. DotWind Blog says:

    On May 1st Microsoft is launching a World Wide ad campaign for Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition. The ads will run online in 29 markets. The nature of the ads is to attract a more hobbyists and enthusiast developers…

  4. Hi Brian, this is Arturo Toledo… may be you remember me from my interview at MSFT. ;I

    I think the super hero idea is great! As a designer I love to be mirrored by a cartoon super hero haha!… the truth is many times we try to feel like that… knowing that we can "rescue" our clients on death lines or web solutions so yeah the target is there.

    I´ve been paying attention to the whole Express edition and the web dev is a great idea to push forward the use of .NET as the platform for web development for traditional web designers.

    Hopefully we´ll get in touch soon 🙂 Great job there!


  5. Hey Brian:

    How about getting some posters of these cool characters and send them to my school so I can put them up in my lab!

    Brian Scarbeau

    Lake Highland Prep 901 N. Highland Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

    See you at Tech ED!

  6. Bald Eagle says:

    I have been developing Perl, but I am looking to switch. Can you recommned a good ASP.NET reference book?

  7. bgold says:

    There are several great books on ASP.NET 2.0 — check out and look at the Books Module to find a few to choose from. Good luck!

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