A very interesting article on the Seattle “social” scene or lack there of


I think this is the quintessential article on Seattle -- a good read for those who live here, and entertaining for those that don't.

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  1. Being relatively new to the area myself, I can say this article pretty much sums it up. My wife and I have made a few friends, but on the whole the politeness of Seattle is the extent of what to expect here.

  2. Peter Lee says:

    A great article, which can be extended generally to the Northwest, west of the Cascades. It helps me to explain to myself why I never felt comfortable there and why I’ve lived in France, Italy and elsewhere for thirty years now.

  3. MattyDread says:

    I grew up here, left for about 10 years, and now I’ve been back again for five. I never lost touch with my childhood friends–not college friends, but people I grew up with as little kids–and still hang out with them regularly. People from outside the area (including my wife) find this really strange, having changed friends with locations and as they’ve grown up. But I think it’s common in Seattle–other natives I know from other pursuits (like playing music) have their own tight knit circles of friends that they’ve known for many years. It’s like a million small towns instead of one big city.

    I don’t know why it evolved that way, but I suspect that’s why it’s hard for many outsiders to break in. If you don’t have an introduction, you’re nobody.

    As far as public politeness goes, I’d much rather have that than the San Francisco rudeness and indifference. Then again, the person who complained about lack of sexual energy in Seattle was absolutely correct–I was just down visiting SF and was fondly reminded of the quick two-second eye-contact flirts that occur between complete strangers there. I’ve never had that happen here.

  4. newbee says:

    Hmm well that’s encouraging! just moved here this week, did a search for Seattle Social expecting to find all sorts of fun stuff to do and I stumble across this article…GREAT!

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