European Roadshow — get the slides and intro code

As I've promised in Madrid and Prague, and will continue to promise :), here is a link to get the slides from the European roadshow presentation and also a snapshot of the application built during the intro part 1 / part 2 talk. 

For those of you who were unable to attend any of the presentations we are going to be recording the content, with demos, at MS Studios in the next six weeks or so and will make it available on MSDN for everyone to download/watch... Right now the plan is to have Scott Guthrie deliver the recorded versons too!  I'll make sure to link to them when they are ready, but in the mean time get the slides and demos below:

Download Slides

Download Demo


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  1. Mishko says:

    Hi Brian,

    your show at Prague was really really good! Very exciting. Thanks a lot. (but chairs was horrible :))

  2. Thanks Mishko! Glad you enjoyed the show. Sorry the chairs were uncomfortable, didn’t have a chance to experience them myself — I was standing most of the time 😉

    I’ll pass along the logistics feedback though.


  3. Hi Brian

    could not attend the show, but seems that you have used B1 for samples.

    Dou you have same samples update for B2? e.g. usage of SQL Express instead of access

  4. Excellent presentations. VERY GOOD



  5. Cool meeting you in Norway! I’m looking forward to show you more around in Oslo on your next visit. And thanks for the slides, I’ll use them to inspire more students 🙂

    – Frode

  6. Jaana says:

    Thank you Brian for an excellent and very useful presentation in Helsinki yesterday! It was great to listen to someone who has firsthand knowledge and a lot of experience. Good luck to you and future .NET development work!

  7. Vitek says:

    Brian, your presentation in Prague was excellent, really. You are a great speaker and I admire that you were able to present the whole thing just by yourself. Good luck in developing ASP.NET 2.0!

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