Make your application part of the VS 2005 / .NET F/X 2.0 test suite

Jay Roxe is working to identify 3rd party applications (your applications) to use at tests for VS2005 -- get all the details here, it is worth checking out -- some benefits from his blog are:

  • Microsoft will test your application on the latest Whidbey bits.  The degree of this testing will vary from application to application based on compatibility requirements being tested.
  • Microsoft will report to you the pass/fail result along with the issues in the application that Microsoft observed (in case of failure) and suggestions to mitigate the problem.
  • Microsoft does not commit to making sure your app works on the latest bits. However, this effort is striving to ensure we are aware of all compatibility issues our customers may experience and are doing our best to ensure existing applications work on the .NET Framework 2.0.
  • You're responsible for providing the application, any necessary prerequisites (test data, other resources), and setup instructions for how to install and run the application on a clean machine.  Microsoft will not be able to test any application that requires domain-specific resources or that has real customer data in it.
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