My VSLive Talk, Building Web Applications with Visual Studio 2005

{updated: fixed the link}

VSLive was a huge success and I think my presentation there went fairly well...  Well attended, everyone was excited, and I completely screwed up the end when I had 5 extra minutes and decided to wing some profile/theming code that I hadn't written in awhile...  lo-and-behold they changed the property on me -- I tried to override me.stylesheettheme instead of me.theme = profile.theme 

ARGH 🙂  I'm human, it isn't all rehearsed..  what can I say?  If you were there, I'm happy to hear feedback (what you liked, what you hated) -- and I have received a bunch of requests for my slides/demo so I've zipped them up and you can download them here .   And I fixed the bug in this code 😉

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  1. Jeff Almasol says:

    The download link doesn’t work, but this one does:

    (i.e., http: instead of ftp:, and removal of the extra "" in the path.)

  2. Thanks, I fixed it too!

  3. Greetings!

    I’ve downloaded your presentation. Thanks for interesting slides and demo! But looking through it I got some minor question.

    Its stated that for building custom Membership and Roles provider you have to implement interfaces. But it was changed since alpha release and in .Net framework beta version I have, one must inherit an abstract base class. Was it changed again? Could you clarify this please.

    Thank you

  4. Thanks Eugene — you are right, it is abstract base classes that you inherit from not interfaces that you implement. The slide is a holdover from earlier when it was interfaces and I forgot to update it! 🙂 I’ll make sure to update the deck…

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