What do you want to see in the TechEd community lounge?

We are in a meeting now, brainstorming all kinds of really cool things to do in the Tech Ed community lounge.  Instead of us making all the decisions, we wanted to get your feedback -- warning -- this is a total braindump from us to you, so I can't make any promises -- but please give us your thoughts!!

1)       XBOX Lounge

a.       Multiple XBox systems (online) connected to other cabana areas with webcams (i.e. Windows)

b.      XBOX lounge area setup in beach them with lounge furniture, cold drinks, smoothies, margaritas

c.       Lunch challenges tracked with brackets with games between attendees vs. Microsoft Corporation

d.      Challenge Microsoft teams, challenge ASP.NET, C# etc.

2)       Carnival and Interactive Games

a.       Pool tables, Ski ball, air hockey, foos ball, shufflepuck

3)       Live Roaming Entertainment

a.       Comedians: Triumph the Dog

b.      Hypnotist

c.       Magician

d.      Signature analyst

e.   Dunk Tank

f.    Henna tatoo artists (get tatoos for your favorite language/product)

4)       Supplemental activities

a.       Bar with margaritas, Jell-O shots

b.      Butlers waiting on Cabana tables

c.       Ice-cream cart, latte cart

5)       Lottery/Giveaways


Let me know!

Comments (10)

  1. Chris Kinsman says:

    1A, 2A, 4A, 4C

    3 will send me screaming…

  2. I like your ideas. Good Job.

  3. Triumph should definitely be there. But, you absolutely MUST post EVERY interview he conducts with us nerds. He did such a fantastic job with the Phantom Menace premier. I can only imagine how much fin he’d have with so many computer nerds (probably many, if not all, of the same ones from the premier)

  4. Mahavir says:

    Please help me with the questions below :

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