On the road again

Airport wireless is GREAT!  Best thing ever really, waiting at the gate -- doing email, doing work, writing a lame blog entry.  I'm headed down to VSLive in San Francisco for 37 hours total.  Not bad -- weather should be the same as Seattle, I know some folks down there, BillG is the big keynote man and my boy JRoxe is doing a demo.  What a show!  I can't wait.  We have an ASP.NET announcement -- nothing mega, but some very cool stuff in the pipeline with starter kits (see DanielFe's post on SK's .. lots of thought going on in that department these days...  some soon, more later -- good stuff for sure and everyone wins.

Might be dark for 37 hours, but we are working dilgently to secure venues for the ASP.NET Exposed events and I'll update those links and http://www.asp.net/roadshow/ as they come online.  Spread the word and check it out! 


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