I love March

Oh man!  Not related to anything at all, but I just gotta say this out loud.  My bracket got totally messed up this weekend, but boy was it worth it!  I had the good fortune of being at Key Arena to watch both Gonzaga and Stanford lose.  SOOO Great -- particularly since I'm a DUKE grad/fan...

Makes for a lot of fun with the Stanford folks this week.

Any big basketball fans out there?  How many people now hate me? 🙂

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  1. Walter Waltz says:

    I don’t hate you, but I am sorry Duke will lose to the Fighting Illini! 🙂

    On a side note, I had found your blog via the private MVP groups and am a college student seeking an internship! I am currently a sophomore and would appreciate it if you (or any recruiters reading this) e-mail me at wwaltz@iwu.edu. Thank You!

  2. ha ha! It is going to be a tough game.. the Duke bracket is still tough, but if we beat Illinois, texas is a gimmee..

    I went ahead and sent your comments off to recruiting… Good luck!

  3. Walter Waltz says:

    I appreciate forwarding that along.

    I am also excited to watch the St. Joes and Wake Forest game. I think Wake Forest will win that, St. Joe still looks too immature during the past few games. Who are your Final Four (and who WERE your Final Four)?

  4. My final four was:





    Being that it was destroyed (in a good way) my revised final four is:





    (I think Wake will upset Oklahoma St, I have no faith in them, but they are a great team)

  5. Brian Broom says:

    Duke’s not bad (at least it wasn’t UNC), but I went to NCSU. I was hoping for an all ACC final 4, but thats out. Duke has a phenomanal program over the past 20 years, they will be tough to beat.

  6. Dan Bright says:

    FINALLY another Duke fan.

    Thank goodness.

  7. bilbo says:

    I’m from Reno. Let’s just say I’ve shite my trousers several times and can’t believe we’ve made it this far! Go Pack!

  8. Perry says:

    I love March. The first two days of the tournament represent what is good about sports. My final four:

    G Tech



    Oki St.

    Duke can beat the Illini…no way they shoot 68% again.

  9. Scott says:

    Rock chalk, JayHawk, go KU! (I’m alumni by marriage, Kansan by birth)

    Brian, Brian, have you forgotten your bracketology. The odds of 3 #1 seeds making to the final four are astronomical. I thought that was a required course at Duke? 🙂 Don’t label Texas as a gimme though, I’m no big Longhorn fan but they are a Big 12 team. They have a tough schedule during the year unlike Dukes cupcake festival. 🙂

    My favorite game so far: UAB vs. Kentucky. WOW!

  10. DarthPedro says:

    Who cares?

    Go UConn!!!

  11. Chris Boaz says:

    Duke?? Ouch! Maybe, it has something to do with the air out there. Once the Orange Krush get ahold of the Crazie Camrons, its all over!


    I too found your Blog through Heathers (Marketing Guru).


  12. Oh the game on Friday is going to be just fabulous.. The Illini are a great team — no doubt about it … hopefully it doesn’t get to frenetic, both our teams can run and should be a lot of fun.

  13. Chris Boaz says:

    I agree, we match up nicely! I believe who wins this one, is at least in the final four.

  14. Couldn’t agree more! Like I said, Texas is no brainer for either of us.. we have already proven it (read New York city routing of Texas on a neutral court) —

    My prediction is Duke/UConn in the final four — and whoever wins that game, wins it all.. atleast IMHO 🙂

  15. DarthPedro says:

    In that case, it will be UConn… 🙂

  16. Ok ok — so far so good…the illini are down, xavier should be a cakewalk — okafor is hurting.. so duke uconn final four will be FUN

  17. Walter Waltz says:


  18. Walter Waltz says:

    It was a well played game on both ends, but congrats to Duke.

  19. Yes good game, now its Xavier.. lets go Duke! Now you should be rooting for us all the way, you wouldn’t want to lose to anyone but the natonal champions right?

  20. Speaking of Duke, did you hear about this? Duke University Purchases the Public Domain!

    In a move shocking to all,

    Duke University, of Durham, North Carolina, purchased the entirety of the public domain late last evening for a fee of 2.2 trillion dollars. Sources familiar with the negotiation report that Duke’s reclamation of the public domain is unprecedented. As a result of the purchase, Duke University is the sole rights-holder to a huge collection of materials, including the Bible, the works of Shakespeare and Dante, and Francis Scott Key’s The Star Spangled Banner.


  21. Wow, that is hysterical!!

    Only Duke and only on April 1st..

  22. DarthPedro says:

    So how does if feel to lose to the eventual national champs. 🙂

    Yay, UConn!


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