CSUN – Accessibility Conference

CSUN – it is coming up, and I’m excited.  It is a great opportunity to really show how we’ve been taking this community seriously.  ASP.NET initially had some serious accessibility issues when it was first released, but we addressed this with the accessibility QFE.  But I wasn’t around for that.  Before my time.  What excites me is that we as a company have learned and adapted – we have recognized just how important this is and bet on it for “Whidbey.”  -- The work we have done is on two fronts.  1) Enabling Users of Accessible Technologies to more easily Build Web Applications – This is about developers who use accessible technologies.  The experience before in Visual Studio was less then optimal…. Now, I’m not saying it is perfect, but we have made specific design improvements targeted for these customers.  In the end, it makes the overall usability of the product better.  Who would have thought?  Yea exactly.  2) Enabling Developers to easily Build Accessible Web Applications – this is about the consumer, the end-user, making it easy for any Developer to build Web Applications that can be used by end-users who need accessible technology.  Building apps that are accessible should not be an afterthought – it should be a direct part of the development experience, and our efforts make it significantly easier to build accessible code.


So I’m excited.  I have a lot of great things to talk about and I’m looking forward to the feedback… plus we get to show some pretty sweet demos.  Sara Ford, deserves tons of kudos for working to pull them together, I’ll try and post the code after the show too…

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