ASP.NET Exposed Roadshow in a box

I've been slacking.. I must admit, I've been so busy trying to keep my head above water (ha ha) that this has sorta been on the back burner.  But I'm going to try and push it out next week into production -- a DVD that has everything anyone needs to present the ASP.NET Exposed roadshow to their local community.  Well not *everything,* but pretty darn close.  There has been a lot of demand for extending the roadshow to more cities, and I'm still trying to accomplish it, but there is a lot of maneuvering that still needs to be done.  This way, we can let the communities get the content sooner by enabling local folks to deliver the talks.  So, I think this is exciting.  The success of the Roadshow has been exciting, I think people really liked it.  Did you attend a roadshow?  What did you think?  Do you want more events like that, or are there other ways that this guy can make your life easier?


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  1. I really enjoyed the roadshow in Orange County. The part where I learned the most was the part on security.

  2. Then you should definitely check out DevDays –There is an entire track dedicated to Web Security, where you will get even more deeper information about threat modeling, defenses, and see a real-world implementation of those best practices.

  3. Julie Lerman says:

    great idea. I wonder how this information will affect attendance though. We have a live meeting scheduled and have to be careful it doesn’t pull people from the live event.

  4. Julie,

    Absolutely! None of this will happen while the currently scheduled Roadshow events are running… I plan to release these DVD’s to our field and other selective folks for events that would occur after the concluson of our current roadshow tour…

  5. Ray Schraff says:

    The roadshows are great.

    Hope you can come closer to Cleveland next time.

    The DVD will make up for the location issue though.

  6. Greg Pyatt says:

    ASP.NET exposed didn’t have nearly the amount of Whidbey coverage I was hoping for. I posted my notes from the Orange County, California meeting on Jake Ashcraft’s weblog at:

    I did like the caching, tracing & security information, but in a few months it won’t nearly be as exciting as Whidbey! Whidbey! Whidbey!

    Of course, in my perfect world (which it isn’t, keep reading), I could have a presentation on creating custom server controls, .NET-COM interop & coding techniques for longsuffering developers whose managers for some unknown and potentially disturbing reason still want them to work in ASP classic.


  7. Kim says:

    How do I get a copy?

  8. I found the content to be pretty basic for someone who is well versed in, and has worked with whidbey (e.g. me) … There were several hundred people at the Chicago event, which was thoughtfully held in a heated tent (and it gets cold out in this town).

  9. Colt says:

    Hi Brian,

    This is a great idea! BTW, Will the distribution of the DVD (or VCD) cover other countries? It would be great if we can get a copy and play it in our monthly user group gathering 🙂

  10. Greg Pyatt says:

    OK, I give. What do I have to do to get a copy of Whidbey? Yeah, yeah, I shoulda gone to PDC and yeah yeah I shoulda been a MS employee. Since everyone’s talking about it, how come I can’t use it? Huh? Huh? Huh?


  11. Matt says:


    I live in Canada and would love a copy of that DVD to present for my local .net user group

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