Just got back from COMDEX -- This is a conference that I had wanted to go to for a
long time.  When I was in high school, and a super big geek, this was the place
I had to go.  I never went -- It did not live up to my expectations.  Mind
you it was particularly small this year, and the audience seemed confused as to what
the conference was supposed to be about.  A huge mix of consumers, IT folks,
and a few developers flooded the 'smaller than normal' exhibition hall.  I spent
way too many hours on my feet, but did get to talk to lots of customers.  We
heard a lot about, "What is this .NET thing" or "Why should I move to .NET" -- it
was good to talk about.  There seemed to be a general positive buzz about ASP.NET
and the possibilities it enabled.  People in the know about Whidbey were excited.

Now I'm just glad it is over, and hopefully I will never have to go back.  On
the up, I didn't go broke in Vegas, saw some really cool stuff that ATI has in the
pipeline (I mean *REALLY* cool), and hung with John Coggeshall -- sadly didn't get
to meet up with Sterling and Thies who were at ApacheCon, which was running concurrently. 
Such is life I guess.

Lots of fun stuff coming up ... hopefully I'll be better about writing things down. 
Working on adding more cities to the ASP.NET
tour (keep your fingers crossed) and some other Whidbey goodies. 
Stay tuned.


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