My ears are ringing — about PHPCon

David Sklar mentioned my little
PHPCon rant and I saw a bunch of traffic coming this way.  Kinda weird. 
But it does provide me with an interesting opportunity... to get feedback from PHP
folks directly --

So I propose some questions that I discussed in my BOF at PHPCon, looking for more
feedback --

  1. How do you feel about Microsoft becoming more present in the PHP community? 
    Whether through attending events, or sponsorships, or other?
  2. I know there is some demand for PHP on Windows (just ask Shane
    ) -- what's your take?  What prevents from exploring it?  Anything
    that could make it better?  Performance?  Features?  I heard lots of
    very interesting ideas around this at PHPCon, what's your take?
  3. I'm a glutton for punishment, I survived Sterling
    and Thies Arntzen ,
    so I open up the general floor -- what do you want?  What do you think? 
    Tell me and I promise to listen, that is all I can promise, but I think that is a
    pretty good start.

I am going to be in Las Vegas for Nov 15-20th at COMDEX, and I think it is also ApacheCon
-- anyone going to be around?  Let me know, stop by our Booth (Visual Studio),
I'm planning to go visit yours too.

Ok enough blabbering. 

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  1. Jason Lotito says:

    Zend and Sun have teamed up. Now Sun pushes Java, and Microsoft pushes .Net. But Sun, I believe, has realized that if it can’t convert certain people, they can at least work with them. What would I like to see?

    Something like this form Microsoft, working with Zend, or another PHP player to help make PHP more enterprise ready on the Microsoft platform.

    I appreciate Microsoft’s approach to web services. Indeed, I just read today that while they won’t port MS SQL to other platforms (a difficult task for little gain, I would imagine), they are making it accessible from other platforms.

    Personally, I think if Microsoft worked with a company like Zend to come up with an ideal Windows + IIS + PHP solution, many times people wouldn’t say "We want to use PHP, so it’s better to use *nix," which I hear often.

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