ASP Connections

So I'm down in Palm Springs, staying at the beautiful La Quinta resort.  Seems
like no one is really around yet.  I've been working on my talk and
think i pretty much have it ready.  I'm looking forward to this conference, should
be a lot of fun and there are two great keynotes to be had by Marie Huwe and Scott
Guthrie -- and a few fun announcements.  If you are new to Visual Studio and
ASP.NET and want to learn, definitely stop by my talk at 1:30 on Monday, should be
a good introduction.

Scott is going to be giving a few sneak-preview 2.0 talks, pre-PDC!  Very exciting
and I'm getting one ready for Tuesday at the SoCal regional UG meeting.  All
goodness!  The PDC is approaching quickly and I can't wait to lift the 'embargo'
on 2.0 talk. 

I continue to be busier than is healthy and am spending more time in a hotel room
then at home, but such is life. 

Got a lot to talk about in the coming weeks -- stay tuned and if you are at Connections
I hope your are also enjoying th e beautiful 95 degree weather =)

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